The task of planning is always an exhilarating and overwhelming one for me. The possibilities are endless, but I need to select a few that will be most effective for me and my students. At this point in my teaching career, I’ve found that it is most useful for me to initially brainstorm without any limits and then ask colleagues and search the internet for some concrete and tested options. By starting off entirely on my own I can dream big, and then bring my ideas back down to earth by seeing what others have practically done. Additionally, I can see what ideas mesh well with my broader vision and personality once I have done that larger scale brainstorm.  I’ve really enjoyed co-teaching with another instructor.  A large part of this is that the planning process can be an active back-and-forth of ideas where we each build on the other, and keep one another in check with ideas that might be too complicated.

The documents I’ve included here are the small start of what I hope will be a source of inspiration for future planning. I also expect to have some plans that didn’t work so well, and here I can break down what I could do better next time, and what to absolutely avoid.

Teaching/lesson plan  |     Agroecology syllabus (example)